A New Era in the Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease

ProKidney is an advanced biotech company built by innovators who are developing pioneering therapies that will transform the medical landscape and change patients’ lives.

Our Mission

ProKidney is a pioneer in the treatment of chronic kidney disease. In over 50 years there was little development in the treatment of chronic kidney disease. At ProKidney we are at the forefront in the field of cellular and gene therapy focused on the treatment of chronic kidney disease.

Addressing Multiple Areas of High Unmet Need

Current standard of care merely slows down the expected eventual loss of kidney function

Renal Autologous Cell Therapy: REACT

Early clinical data suggest REACT both stops the progression of CKD, but also drives meaningful improvement in kidney function – a first of its kind

Lead Platform Programs for CKD Treatment

ProKidney and REACT aim to disrupt the CKD treatment landscape